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sonnen lights the future for installers towards the new spanish energy model at EFINTEC 2018Old

Integration of energies and installation of domestic batteries, new challenges for the installation company in the energy transition 

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The speaker of the congress “The role of the installation company in the energy transition” organized in Efintec was Franc Comino, CEO of Wattia Innova and Webatt Energy. Comino exposed some of the possibilities and challenges that installers face in tangible projects that are already a reality in Spain, such as EspaiZero and the installation of sonnen domestic batteries. According to Comino, the energy transition will be decentralized or it will not be.

Franc Comino, founder and partner of Wattia and Webatt, began his presentation by asking what is the most appropriate way to call the moment we are living. Digital transformation? Energy transformation? Comino is in favor of referring to the term energy revolution, given that already to this day “hundreds of controlled sensors drive autonomous cars”. Therefore, the most logical thing to do is to think that an imminent leap towards smart housing will come. We can not have a building with technology 25 years ago. We have to reach a goal set in 2030 and the only way to be efficient is to implement technology in buildings. ” Therefore, it is necessary “to have the installers trained and come to have specific know-how for the new building model that will come”

Franc Comino explained that Wattia is “an attempt for people to be motivated and see energy as something sexy, not as a topic in which a bill arrives at the end of the month and from which you can not participate”. Wattia created a few years ago the EspaiZero project, its central offices located in the city of Olot, erected as “the first state work center with zero energy consumption. In addition, it is a laboratory that allows us to test in our own headquarters the different energy efficiency systems “. In 2 years EspaiZero has already accumulated 2,500 visits.

The result, then, has been spectacular and recognized by the Spanish and even international energy sector. “We have managed to have zero consumption 365 days a year with outside temperatures of 40º. Some of the energy systems implemented are geothermal, water capture, roof and underfloor heating, solar chimney, batteries, Canadian well, accumulation. All this system comes to promulgate what comes in the future, that is, it does not make any sense to have a building, a house, a business where there is only one source of energy “. What’s more, “we think that what has to be is an integration of energies, that you can allocate at all times the resources of the best source of energy, whether wind, photovoltaic, geothermal … this is the modus operandi that will come, a change radical in how to manage the energy in our house, “said Comino.
It should be noted that EspaiZero is fully automated and works alone, “for example, there is not an engineer dedicated exclusively to compiling the meteorological data of the next day”.

The second proposal announced was the opportunity for installers to be a domestic battery installer officially recognized by sonnen, a company known as the German Tesla.
Webatt has reached an agreement with sonnen to be its distributor. The added value of sonnen “is not massively sell their batteries to installers, they want the person who installs batteries and installs self-consumption systems is an installer who has passed a qualification filter. A trained installer who wants to train. ” In this sense, “the installer that demonstrates that he has done installations with a quality, a expertise and a good way of working, can become a sonnen battery installer. This allows us to be able to filter and make what we start installing now to mount well so that when this grows we will not have a big problem. This is a filter in which we are working with Fegicat to make this course meaningful. We have already done the first installation course and we have 26 installers in Catalonia and we are preparing more for the rest of Spain, “Comino announced

The application of the sonnen domestic batteries is clear. In EspaiZero what was once a system formed by control, accumulation, investors and generation systems “we have replaced everything in a box, where we have a EspaiZero in small”. What’s more, the EspaiZero accumulation room is made up of the typical lead batteries and “now it transforms into that all the inverters and 80% of the batteries will go out and 2 boxes of sonnen batteries without maintenance and with 10,000 cycles will remain of guarantee charge, that is, 27 years of durability. This is a radical paradigm shift that will make the installer see it feasible. ”

Today in the world there are 6 sonnen communities in use in Germany, Italy, Austria, the United States, Switzerland and Australia. In total, 120,000 people sharing energy. In Spain already has 60 clients.

Franc Comino

Franc Comino concluded his speech affirming that “this technology is not a new technology, which has come today, but it is mature, it is not something that will come. It is an accumulated experience of more than 10 years with this type of technologies “.

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